Entry: "My pictures" meme Sunday, February 22, 2009

(Only for Windows users XD ...)

Rules: Open the folder "My Pictures". Then open the sixth folder inside that folder. Then grab the sixth image in that folder and post it on your blog.

Okay, the sixth folder in my "My Pictures" folder is called "Gulleryssland" ('cutie-Russia'). This is the sixth image in there:

I don't remember which city this is from. Could be Petersburg. And stupidly I didn't even take a note of the photographer, although I usually do when I save photos off the internet. But in any case I want to live in that tower!


April 1, 2009   12:01 PM PDT
Yes, it is in Petersburg! Here is the same house from a different angle:
February 24, 2009   11:02 AM PST
Ei oikein näy mikä "tsentr ...niki" siinä alakerrassa on ... Mutta ainakin Kofe Hauz on julistettu isona ... iiiii ...

"5 uglov" on viisi kulmaa ...
February 22, 2009   04:29 PM PST
Siis, tosi jännä! Onks tossa kahvila ja jäätelö(baari) tossa alakerrassa? Ja vastapäätä on hotelli?
5 yglov? Ihanku olis elokuvateatteri?

Torni on tosiaan ovela...

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