Entry: Okay, so I made a series. Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1. Do not leave your room or use any requisites that are not your personal possessions.
2. Hold the camera in your right hand.
3. Look into the camera.

The red portraitThe white portrait
The blue portraitThe black portrait

I kind of tried to convey what these colours symbolise to me.
Black is honesty, life, suffering, resignation, truth.
Red is blood, flesh, passion, wrath, love, revenge, hate, rebellion.
Blue is responsibility, boldness, reliability, openness, calm, bluntness, hope.
White is happiness, acceptance, death, purity.

I took more than 500 photos to get these four. Funny enough, the moment I saw each of these four after transferring the lot to my computer, I knew that they were The One.
I considered photoshopping away the camera strap from the red picture, but it adds to the composition ...


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