Entry: Yeah, I'm so hot. Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shameless narcissism

My old keffiyeh has lately come very close to a state of disintegration - I bought it in 2001 and have been wearing it pretty much every day since then. So I was happy when I found this new, good quality keffiyeh in the second hand store.

It appears to be made in Japan, though. o_O The keffiyeh is worn and locally produced all over the Middle East, but cheap production in the Far East is threatening some of the "original" Middle Eastern scarf factories. In Palestine, there is only one small factory, owned by Yasser al-Hirbawi, that still makes them, because also Palestinians prefer to buy the cheaper Asian scarves. I'd like to get a scarf from his factory, if I could find a way.

I wear my keffiyehs for political reasons, but of course also because they are very comfortable, nice-looking and versatile pieces of clothing. Lately the keffiyeh has become quite fashionable (again), but I think new keffiyeh owners could at least inform themselves about its history. Here is a good place to start ...

By the way, there are people, especially in the US, who think any keffiyehs are by nature anti-Semitist or something or other like that. But they obviously don't realise that it is a traditional piece of clothing also among Israeli Jews. All the kibbutzniks wore them.
The Israeli keffiyehs were usually plain white before 1967. However, with the occupation of the Palestinian territories, Israelis embraced many Arabic designs and products and started wearing checkered keffiyehs, as well.

(Thanks to Miriam Katin for the kibbutznik insider information. :o)

Anyway, Ainur suggested that she, mum and I start a fashion blog about the outfits we wear. So, here goes ...
Scarf: Humana/Berlin
Dress: Murgrönan/Lund
Boots: eBay
Hair: Henna from North Hairytown*

* i.e. Wedding. South Hairytown = Kreuzberg/Neukölln, and West Hairytown = Tiergarten.


September 28, 2008   12:07 PM PDT
Apua, mua pelottaa!
En ees muista, mistä kuteeni on hankittu sata vuotta sitten!

Joo, munkin mielestä oot "hot"!

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