Entry: I rescued another piggy ... Monday, August 25, 2008

Yesterday I went to the "Family weekend event" at the local animal shelter in Berlin-Falkenberg.

Spot the Akita!

The shelter is built in an interesting futuristic style, and it has even been used as a location for some films.
I met a lot of doggies, among them a big bulldog mix, or maybe American Bulldog, who begged me to scratch him through the bars. When I tried to get up to say bye, he gave paw and gripped the bars with his toes and groaned for more ... I couldn't help but stay with him until he was satisfied and went to play with his blanket instead. Phew.

There is also a minipiggy called Eddy staying at the shelter.


See more photos and read about my trip on Flickr!

I didn't adopt any doggie, piggy or kittie yesterday, but today I did ...

I went to a used clothes store to find a cheap skirt or something with nice fabric that I could use for a jacket sewing project. On the way out of the store I passed by a basket with stuffed toys. Something in it called me ... I couldn't help but go dig in the basket ...
And so, I found Serdar.

He was on sale for only 30 cents. ;_;


Serdar is watching me work:

Serdar watching me work


August 25, 2008   08:07 PM PDT
Tidi and Serdar...

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