Entry: Catching up with old photos Thursday, August 21, 2008

Even though I've got a pro account for Flickr now, I try to limit the photos I post there to the better ones and the ones with at least a story or an interesting subject.

Still, here are some photos I opted to not post back when I had a free account and a 200 photo limitation, but which I posted now ...

Funny names.

I bought a used phone from a very nice couple who live in this building in a "whiter" concrete highrise suburb of Berlin. Germans generally have very funny names, and this was a good example.

It was the evening of the great Turkey vs. Germany football game. While walking around in the area I encountered stupid German kids chanting "Turkey boo, eat my shoe", but I also encountered a valiant older teen Turkish boy who was wearing a Turkish flag bandanna, a Turkish flag T-Shirt, white pants and a humongous Turkish flag over his shoulder. WHY DID I NOT ASK HIM TO POSE FOR A PHOTO????

Sadece renkler vardı, sonra kayboldu onlar da ...

From the S-Bahn station Wedding I spotted this. But it isn't very representative - on this day there were pretty Turkish flags everywhere! Big and small, tiny and really huge!
Oh yeah, and some German flags, too, I guess. :op

In the end, Turkey lost, but they gave ONE HELL OF A FIGHT.

Park Inn

I went to buy batteries for the phone at a mall on Alexanderplatz, and the evening sky was nice and kitschy.


Over to Mollösund, Orust:


The people who own this fisherman's hut must have found this piece of a shipwrecked sailing ship in the sea. Kick ass!


In other news, I'm working intensively on the map overlay of Stockholm and Auschwitz, and it has given me repeated nightmares about endless concentration camps where I have to trace the outlines of all the structures.


August 25, 2008   06:18 PM PDT
I'm sure it does ... >:(:))
August 25, 2008   11:26 AM PDT
That driftwood looks familiar! :)
August 24, 2008   05:19 PM PDT
It's for a book, for "helping young people today get an impression" of the proportions of the camps. Especially Auschwitz-II is an incredibly vast complex. You don't really realise how big it is until you see it with your own eyes or superimpose it on a familiar map like I'm doing now.
August 23, 2008   03:41 PM PDT
Wow, what is the map overlay for? Sounds controversial!
August 21, 2008   04:06 PM PDT
Wau, mielenkiintosta!

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