Entry: Who says working as a newspaper distributor is boring? Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This morning was full of excitement.

First, I found a 100 crown bill on the stairs outside a house, wrapped in a receipt from a bar in the vicinities. My initial reaction was, 'wow, 100 crowns!' Then, I thought again, and supposed that if I could find out who it belonged to, I should give it back to them. Then, my thoughts started drifting towards how difficult it (hopefully) would be to find the right person ... until I saw a torn up book dissolving in the rain on a ledge nearby. It was the Bible, and it was opened at a passage from the New Testament. I then started thinking about what a cool character Jesus was, and, well, 'What would Jesus do in this situation?'

Full of remorse for my sinful thoughts I was now determined to find the owner of the 100 crown bill.

No, actually, the thought of Jesus reminded me that material blessings have no meaning. (To me, he was a hippie revolutionary, while I don't believe any of the religious stuff about him being 'the son of god'.) Anyway, I get a salary that covers my basic needs, so what do I need another 100 crowns for? And it was 'just' 100 crowns. (Now, if it had been 1000 ...)
I wrote a note saying 'this was found outside the door', and wrapped the bill and the receipt in the note and left them at the entrance in the hallway of the house.

The next incident was even more interesting. I was climbing the 'scary stairs' mentioned in the entry below. The lights were on when I entered the staircase, and I was just thinking about how it might not be so pleasant if they would automatically go out while I was still in the staircase, and would have to fumble around in the darkness searching for the switch. I turned around a corner.

There was a man sitting on the stairs.

He scared me to death! I froze and stared at him, gasping in horror for several seconds until I realised that he was just a normal human being, albeit with no shirt and very tired and/or a bit drunk.
I then laughed hysterically and tried to explain that I very rarely see any humans this time of the day ... And he was sorry for scaring me.

What I wouldn't give to have seen my face at that moment. It must have been priceless.

At least it's now proven that I don't scream when I get scared. (Thank god. That would have been even more silly ...)


September 28, 2005   06:18 PM PDT
voi tidi kun sää oot hyvä ihminen... ja hyvä ettet kiljunu siellä rapussa, olisit varmaan herättäny koko talon!

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