Entry: Scary sounds Monday, September 26, 2005

Today, when I was climbing a staircase while distributing the papers, I heard strange noises.

The staircase is one of the two I like the least, because I have to climb to the fourth or fifth floor, and the floors in those old houses are at least three meters high, so I have to do a *lot* of climbing. What makes this particular staircase even worse is that it's really narrow. It used to be the staircase to the kitchen entrances of the bourgeois apartments, and it has massive walls in the middle, instead of rails. I get slight pangs of claustrophobia there sometimes.

Today, when I was getting near the top, I started hearing strange sounds from above, as if someone was dragging something heavy across the floor. It was around four AM. I carried the last paper to the fourth floor, and above that, there is just an attic (I once tried - in vain - to see if there could possibly be any way to go through the attic from the main staircase to this 'kitchen' staircase, because the main one has an elevator). The sounds seemed to be coming from the top of the staircase. They stopped for a moment, when I made noises sticking the paper through the slot in the door, and then, they continued again.

I did NOT go upstairs to check what it was.


September 27, 2005   06:36 AM PDT
September 26, 2005   06:04 PM PDT
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... hirveetš... jos se oli karhu!!!!!!

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